Having a keen interest in cars, we were really excited to work with BMW, The Robb Report and Luxx Media on this project showcasing their new 8 series, m850i and the X7. We concepted 3 unique storylines for each car as a team to make sure all key features were being shown off in the right way. 

The Robb Report is a Luxury online magazine based in Australia who work closely with Luxx Media, a marketing company based in London. 

We had one day to film each car so were on a strict schedule in order to capture all the necessary shots in the 9 key locations that we picked. 




Location: St Pauls, Shapards Bush, M4, The New Forrest, Limewood

Car: BMW X7

Key words: Durability, comfort, spacious, powerful, family.

Narrative: Family getaway, weekend retreat. 

This project was shot over one day and started in a penthouse apartment in ST Pauls London. After we shot the father character in his working environment we travel west to collect his family before driving to the New Forrest down south where there are some beautiful roads, wild horses and Limewood resort and country house. 

After shooting the journey to Limewood and the family having a few precious moments together we then travelled to a near by golf club and caught the father teeing off into the sun.



Location: St James' Square, Soho, Four Seasons Hampshire

Car: BMW 8 Series Coupe

Keywords: Fun, energetic, exhilarating, engine noise

Narrative: A couple escaping the city for a romantic weekend away.


With this project we wanted to show the versatility of the car by driving in both the city centra and countryside with the roof down. By working closely with brands such as Boodles we were able to show the viewer the target market for the car.


Wrapping our shoot in Hampshire at the Four Seasons allowed us to enough time to shoot a few vital shots in between both locations and also gave us a strong end to the story line having the couple arriving and relaxing in style.  



Location: Knightsbridge, Moma Art Gallery, A3, Chiddingfold Surrey

Car: BMW M850i

Key words: Comfort, tranquil, corporate, successful, seamless, speed.
Narrative: Wife leaves her London house to pick up her husband before heading out of the city via an art gallery. 

We set  out early in central London as a successful independant women prepares to drive and collect her husband after work. They meet and visit an art gallery before heading to their country home in Surrey. 

We chose the final location as it matched the style and lifestyle of the car and the couple. Here is where we could best show of the high end exclusivity of the vehicle up against the backdrop of this beautiful mansion. It breaths quality and success.