This all started with a conversation between Obi Vincent and ourselves towards the start of 2019. We spoke with Obi in Third Space city gym and he told us about the new Gymshark HQ and Lifting club in Birmingham that he has been training out of. After seeing images of the space we knew we had to pack the cameras and make our with north. 


Gymshark broke onto the fitness scene in 2012 and have been smashing it ever since selling their merchandise and hosting successful fitness events. With their growth they have supported and worked with some talented athletes which we have been lucky enough to work with. Obi is one of them. His fitness career is one to follow for his transition from bodybuilding to crossflifting has been a challenge and he opens up about his training and how his body has transformed.

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His channel can be found here:

In this project we wanted to show off the new Gymshark Lifting club and how impressive its space and equipment are, but first and foremost we wanted to portray the massive figure of Obi and the power and speed he executes his workouts.... as you can imagine, it wasn't hard to capture that!

We shot the majority of this shoot on our RED Helium assisted by the DJI Ronin for stabilisation. This helped us show of smooth fluid establishing shots of the entry to the gym and the edit was flooded with energetic 'swooping' styled shots moving around Obi. These consisted of shots where we positioned our movements with obstacles in between the camera and the subject allowing the viewer to best see the space and to bring in another dimension of movement to the frame.

The hand held movements bring an element of realism to the production and work great with shaky subjective movements close up to the character. Often we shoot incredibly close to the subject and with a super wide lens. This can be incredibly emulsive to watch and make you feel in the room with the character. 

Finally we aimed to capture moments of the workout whilst panning the camera  in  and out of frame making it seamless to transition between shots, scenes and different spaces in the gyms complex. Transitions are a big part of our productions as it helps keep a video fast paced and the viewer constantly engaged.... excited to see what's to become. This is helped by shooting at a range of resolutions that the RED camera has to offer. The majority of this project was shot in 8K 25fps with a few shots at 8K 50fps and 4k 120fps.

This edit was then thrown together over a couple of days using Final Cut Pro X and the coloured in Davinci Resolve.

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Obi Grade 2.jpg