A couple of times a year we like to create a passion project. A project where we have full reign over all decisions, look, style etc. 

We have always shared a passion for fitness and to be able to work with so many talented athletes is a blessing. Fitness edits tend to suit our fast paced transition heavy style. This energy is vital to a fitness shoot and with the help of a good score and an interesting voice over that captivates an audience. 

With little time to put the project together, we were under pressure to find a suitable narrative and unsure wether we were going to have a voice over recorded. It was less that 36 hours until the deadline for this project in order to put it through to the Nobull Fitness Film Festival when we came across a lecture online given by Steve Paxton 

After listening to the lecture and pulling apart the bits relating to the human body and how we use it. We developed a short piece that worked well with the two tracks we know we wanted to cut our footage to. 

The rest of the edit was about matching shots with the voice over and making sure it flowed seamlessly whilst converying the correct message and not getting lots behind the visuals.

Looking back at this project it was so great to see everyone stepping up to the plate and putting their lives on hold to fully invest in this piece. Working over night for three days in stints getting all the finishing touches in place and seeing us all thriving under pressure.