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Social Content
Stubble & Co. 'FIVE'
Short. Sharp. Immediately digestible.


Jamie & The Jam work symbiotically with our digital marketeers to produce fully optimised campaign assets to execute your social media creative strategy.
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Short Film
A Place To Call Home
Producing short films has been at the heart of Jamie & The Jam since we launched in 2016. This is where it all began. We like to pursue a collaborative approach to ensure your short film is as effective as possible in every frame.
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Educational Videos
L'Oréal Professional
Educational content is booming more than ever before. We’re proud to say we have worked with some of the biggest names on their e-learning and tutorial-based content and continue to do so on a regular basis.
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Stills & Photograhy
Anthony Joshua
J&TJ consistently work to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a single image, whether its emotive, attention-grabbing, progressive or experimental. From composition to lighting, we understand the different elements needed to capture a beautiful and balanced image…



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Digital Marketing
The Curious Collective
We will help promote your business, grow your audience and increase sales.


We can offer you
Social Media Ads
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Email Marketing
YouTube Optimisation
Performance analysis

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How we approach our projects

We recognise every project is different, with a unique target market to convey. It all begins with an initial meeting to establish your objectives and collaboratively brainstorm ideas of how best to approach them along with what creating a successful campaign looks like to you.


We create your concept, bringing it to life for you to envisage how the final product will look before shooting commences. Once we’re aligned, we book in shoot days and give you a delivery timeline.


You work collaboratively with our team to shoot your project. Or you leave it with us.


We strategize and execute your marketing campaign using the content created.

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Review & Learn

We continually assess your campaign’s performance and make any tweaks needed to maximise your return on investment.

Koy Jimmi
Jimmy Scott
Investing In People

We’ve worked with Jamie and the Jam on numerous of occasions over the years. Our last project was for our charity Kenya where we flew them out and from day one they were not only incredibly professional but also extremely adaptive and creative. They took our ideas and vision for the project to the next level and produced a result that massively increased the awareness and success of that charity. We highly recommend Jamie and The Jam, we know you will have an amazing experience.