Stubble and Co are a bag company on a mission to create the perfect bag. One that can be used for business trips, the gym, communting or in this case a bag for a weekend adventure. They have a refined style which focuses on durability and quality with each individual feature tested tirelessly to ensure an incredibly functional and ergonomic bag. 


Their website can be found here:


We have previously worked with Stubble & Co in 2016 so when they approached us the second time we welcomed the idea of creating something that exceled the previous production. We developed this storyline and vision alongside their team to create a film appropritate to show off the new product in order to show to investors. 


After 2 pre- production meetings, 2 locations scouts and a model selection we set a date in early January 2020 to film this whole production in one day.


With 3 characters all with different paths to the final destination we knew this would not be possible to do in one team so the crew split into 2. Both on different schedules from 7am till midday with the aim of meeting back up at a mid point in the shooting schedule. 


Team one travelled to Heathrow airport to capture the initial travelling shots, whilst team two remained in London and started getting their first shots in Clapham Junction, where they then procceded to travel down by train to our midday meeting point at Pulborough Station in West Sussex, where they were met by team one just before midday to regroup. 


The afternoon consisted of three locations, dual drone footage in the countryside, group shots on the South Downs at our campsite and bag packing shots in the home of one of our crew. With the final shots being captured around 9pm that evening.


The aim was the create something fast paced, engaging but also informative to show off the bags key features. We do this by mixing epic drone shots and handeld / gimbal RED shots. 


The film was captured on RED Helium 8k, Lumix GH5s, Ronin and an DJI Inspire 2.