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Director Notes


Short film, sports, connection, film festival, fitness.



The project was to be submitted to the Nobull Fitness Film Festival and with less than 36 hours until the submission deadline we were under pressure to find a suitable narrative and were unsure whether we would have a voice over recorded.

It wasn’t until we listened to an online lecture on the human body given by Steve Paxton that we developed a short piece that worked well with the two tracks we knew we wanted to cut our footage to.

The rest of the edit centred around seamlessly matching shots with the voice over  whilst conveying an  authentic message without it getting lost(?) behind the visuals.

Looking back, it was inspiring to see everyone stepping up to the plate and putting their lives on hold to fully invest in this piece. The crucial deadline meant working over night for three days in stints and refining  all the finishing touches just right all whilst thriving under pressure.


1 day
Red Helium 8k / Red Gemini
DJI Inspire 2
Director, DOP, Producer, Camera operator, Drone pilot, Editor, colourist.