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Directors notes


Elegant, traditional, showcase



The Macallan are a dominant force in the whiskey industry and have recently developed their distillery in Aberdeen and wanted to get us in to show it off.

They were transparent with us about their need to bring their content into the 21st century. They hadn’t developed their brand image for a decade and so wanted to modernise it to match their new facilities.

The challenge was bringing new life to the brand whilst maintaining the essence of their integral history which has got them where they are today.  We were able to achieve this delicate balance with a fast-paced cinematic score, allowing for plenty of transitions, which showed off the vast new distillery and communicated the fresh energy of the brand.


The score starts off full of suspense allowing us to show establishing shots and let the viewer immerse themselves in what’s to come. As the music builds so too does the movement of the shots and the use of transitions, culminating in a fast-paced tour of the Macallan distillery, bringing with it an attractive, attention-grabbing look and feel

Aberdeen, Scotland
2 days
Red Helium 8k / Canon C70
DJI Inspire 2
Director, Producer, Camera operator, Editor, colourist.